About Jeff Hopkins

Jeff’s interest in photography started at school and he has been a professional photographer since 1987. Though experienced in commercial photography, he has switched his focus to press and editorial work in recent years.

Since 2006, he and his hard-working camera have travelled the UK for corporate clients, including John Lewis, Waitrose, ICI and Bhs International.

The varied assignments have taken him everywhere from the boardroom and shop floor to the cab of a 30-tonne lorry and across countless muddy fields. He doesn’t leave home without his wellies.

Why does Jeff love photography? “The creative challenge,” he says. “It’s not like building a wall where every brick has to be even: you can build it any way you like. And I enjoy doing something that people value.”

Jeff approaches each job with the same friendly attention to detail. He’ll direct a shoot where necessary, but is just as happy working unobtrusively in the background when a reportage style assignment requires. “I like to think I’m a people person,” he explains. “I'm happy to be able to walk into any situation and set people at their ease.”

Jeff lives with his wife and son near Reading and is a keen cyclist in his free time.